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Sezen Yaraş


PhD in Political Science

Bilkent University

Sezen Yaraş took her PhD.from the Department of Political Science, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey. She conducted doctoral and post-doctoral research visits at the University of Chicago and Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus. Yaraş taught introductory courses of sociology, political science and gender studies at Bilkent University, METU NCC, Baskent University and Cankaya University. Her research interests include gender theory, constitutional politics, local governance and sociology of health, and medicine.

Selected Publications

Yaras, S., & Yigit, A. (2017). Renegotiations of femininity throughout the constitutional  debates in Turkey: Representative claims in 2014 presidential elections. British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 1-19.

Yaraş, S. (2014). A historical synopsis of over-feminized local governance in neoliberal Turkey. Turkish Studies, 15(1), 100-116.

Yaraş, S., & Yigit, A. (2014, May 6). A one-sided affair: How Erdogan was able to mobilize the female vote. Retrieved from

Yaras, S. (2014, May 10). Turkey’s “return to the family” in the face of domestic violence. Retrieved from

Yaras, S. (2014, September 10). Turkish paternalism in Northern Cyprus. Retrieved from

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