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İlker Gökhan Şen


PhD in Law

University of Zurich

Ilker Gökhan Şen holds a PhD in Law from University of Zurich, a LLM in Public Law from Anadolu University, and a BA in Law from Dokuz Eylül University. He worked at Anadolu University between the years 2001-2017. He was a visiting research fellow at University of Geneva in 2006-2007. He was purged from his post in teaching constitutional law at the Anadolu University Faculty of Law in Eskişehir by the Emergency Decree no: 686, date: 07 February 2017, apparently for being one of the signatories to the “Academics for Peace” petition. His primary research and teaching areas are constitutional law, direct democracy, electoral integrity, theories of constitution-making, comparative constitutionalism, human rights in Turkey and Turkish politics.

Selected Publications

McQuoid-Mason, D. (Ed.). (2015).
Democracy for all: Education towards a democratic culture (I. G. Sen, Trans.). Eskisehir: Anadolu University Press. (Original work published 1994).

Sen, I. G. (2018).
People concerned and people entitled to vote: The example of sovereignty referendums. In L. Morel & M. Qvortrup (Eds.), The Routledge Handbook to referendums and direct democracy. London: Taylor & Francis.

Sen, I. G. (2017).
On legal aspects of the independence referendum of Iraqi Kurdistan. VerfBlog. doi: 10.17176/20170928-112844   

Sen, I. G. (2015).
Sovereignty referendums in international and constitutional law. Heidelberg: Springer.

Sen, I.G. (2013).
What is the constitutional convention? An attempt to offer a definition for the “unwritten rules of the constitution”. Yasama Journal, 24, 123-164.

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