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Constitution-making in Turkey, Civil Society and the Welfare State

The 2011-2013 constitution-making process in Turkey is critical due to its interparty negotiation process and the significant collaboration of the civil society actors, political parties and the academia. In between many diverse topics, the welfare state (social state) understanding and the roles of Turkish welfare state in a new constitution should hold a significant place. On the other side, welfare states in the world keep evolving and transforming according to the needs of the current era. In fact, the social investment strategy transforms the welfare states and reveals the importance of women, children and gender roles for this transformation. In such a context, analyzing women and children NGOs’ reports for a new constitution can give insights regarding the future of Turkish welfare state according to demands of the civil actors. Later, by comparing the findings gathered from NGOs reports analysis with the literature and conceptual review of the most recent developments in welfare states literature, the thesis aims to find possible answers of what did women and children NGOs contribute during 2011-2013 failed constitution-making process for a contemporary Turkish welfare state transformation?

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