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Leslie Esbrook


Law Clerk

U.S. District Court
Manhattan, New York

Leslie Esbrook holds a JD from Yale Law School, and a BA in Economics, European History, and French from Vanderbilt University.  She has studied at Sciences Po Paris and was awarded the Fulbright Scholarship for teaching and research in Turkey prior to law school. Following law school, she worked for a global law firm on complex commercial litigation, arbitration, and criminal investigations, and worked on a U.S. Court of Appeals handling issues of international trade, government contracts, administrative law, and intellectual property. Her primary research areas include U.S. national security, international criminal law, and international organizations.


Esbrook, L. (2016).
Citizenship unmoored: Expatriation as a counter-terrorism tool. U. PENN. J. INT’L L., 35 (4).

Esbrook, L. (2015).
The state of military justice reform in Turkey: 2014. Mil. L. L. War. Rev., 53, 117.

Esbrook, L. (2015).
[Note] Exempting humanitarian intervention from the ICC's definition of the crime of aggression: Ten procedural options for 2017. Va. J. Int'l L., 55, 783.

Esbrook, L. (2014).
Triable offenses Post-al-Bahlul: KSM 5, al-Nashiri, and the charge of terrorism at Guantanamo. Dartmouth L.J., 11.

Esbrook, L. (2014).
Who will protect human rights in Turkey? Why the birth of the 2013 Constitution may not be the answer. Loy. LA Int’l & Comp. L. Rev., 36.

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